Why choose brass pipe fittings and valves?

Why choose brass pipe fittings and valves?



Today, there are many options available in the market, so many people wonder if brass fittings for plumbing or waterworks systems are worth the additional cost. This zinc copper alloy has been used for centuries till now, and is very common in plumbing fittings and fixtures from homes to large industrial complexes.

The effectiveness of this metal in plumbing allows you to provide safe, durable components to your plumbing system. If you're wondering how well brass will work in your system, here are five great benefits to take into consideration when choosing your material in next project:

1. Wide versatility
Brass is used for so many different situations, you can get the fittings you need in a vide range of shapes, widths and sizes, with fittings available that allow you to alter pipe size. When you're working with an project that has very strict specifications, brass delivers. It also enhances the efficiency of your water delivery lines into your home. If you need to have fittings exposes, brass is finished in a variety of different ways, whether lacquered, polished, plated in chrome or given a nickel or antique finish.

2. Durability
Because of it has many working properties, brass is a metal that is highly durable. When a plumbing system needs a long service life, brass fittings are an excellent choice as they remain in great condition for years without cracking or disintegrating. It also provides the best possible performance in hot water supply lines.

3. Tolerance of High Temperatures
Brass is the best fitting material for hot water distribution systems, as they provide exceptional conductivity of temperature and improve hot water distribution system efficiency. Brass is very ductile in high temperatures, and can withstand much higher temperatures than other options, to the point of being among the only surviving items in a serious house fire.

4. Resistance to Corrosion
Other metal fittings have serious corrosion issues, but brass is second to none in terms of corrosion resistance. Corrosion and rust can cause serious wear and tear on metal fittings, so a corrosion-free metal is the best option in these situations. Places with corrosive water properties get the best benefit of brass fittings, which do not rust or corrode in poor water pH conditions. Even the worst corrosive water won't cause corrosion in brass.

5. Very Malleable
When it comes to fittings that will require bending or shaping, brass provides great malleability, making it easier to alter than steel or iron pipe. It also molds better than most materials. If you've ever had to deal with a plumbing job that is a little off, you know how important this property can be, helping reduce labor costs due to its ease of working. Even though the metal is malleable, it still retains serious durability and dependability.

Brass makes a great material for your plumbing or waterworks system, providing years of dependable, reliable service without the risks of corrosion or heat while providing a quality fitting to get the job done.


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