New arrivals for you! New stainless steel and brass valves for you.

New arrivals for you!

Hello, friends, there are some new products for you. Stainless steel and brass ball valve, gate valve, globe valve, check valve,  water faucet , one-piece, two-piece, three-piece valve, one-way, two-way, three-way valve and so on.

welcome to visit our website and pick some items you prefer!

1.stainless steel ball valve


2.stainless steel gate valve

103. stainless steel check valve

304. stainless steel three piece welded valve

935. stainless steel three way ball valve

546. brass gate valve

277. brass ball valve

538. brass water faucet

44All of these products are just one of the new arrivals, we have more in our store, welcome to visit our website!

Hope you can pick the products you need! Thank you!

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Post time: Jun-25-2021
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