Grooved Couplings and Fittings with FM/UL Approval

Grooved Couplings and Fittings with FM/UL Approval

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沟槽01 沟槽02 沟槽03 沟槽04 沟槽05 沟槽06 沟槽07 沟槽08 沟槽09 沟槽10

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Table sizes of  Grooved Tees:


Specification of  Grooved Tees:

未标题-1_05 We use  Oxford Instruments spectrometer to check the chemical composition for every heat, components conform to the requirements of the process before the iron.
Each casting ladle pouring tap on a block, tapping experiment was carried out, judge the inoculation. 敲击
警报器 Ball reaction after strict control of pouring time, must complete pouring in 9 minutes, use time alarm system, overtime alarm, to prevent a spheroidizing recession phenomenon.
Strictly control the size of the groove, ensure compliance with standards. 尺寸
环氧漆 Grooved fittings surface coating epoxy resin, improve the ability to resist corrosion.
Is advantageous to the construction safety, the system stability is good, easy maintenance. 施工步骤
追溯 Each furnace batch has the traceability.
The pipe fittings have outlets ranging from 1” through 24”. 多尺寸



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