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K&F is short for “Key and Firm”, which symbolizes key and firmness. Though products of K&F are merely unimpressive engineering parts, they are pivotal components. As a specialized pipe fitting supplier, K&F has been regarding product quality as its basis condition for the survival since its establishment an and striving to produce perfect products, thus providing high-quality pipe fittings to customers.  

K&F’s mission is “To create better feeling of home”! K&F keeps developing comfortable, environmental, energy-saving, safe and convenient products, so as to provide updated and better cultures and lifestyles to people as well as facilitate thousands of families to enjoy happier life. Meanwhile, K&F will better pay back its employees, partners, shareholders and society. However, K&F clearly knows that only when customers’ feelings of home become better, can an enterprise develop well, so that our own feelings of home will be better as well!

▪Vision of K&F—To be a respectable first-rate enterprise! 1. Actively undertake social responsibility as well as strictly fulfill and strive to transcend product liability, employee responsibility, environmental liability, tax liability and so on; abide by the rule of good faith, social morality and business ethics; actively work on public welfare course; 2. Standard governance mechanism, mature operating management, excellent business performance and outstanding staff team; to be the example and model of Chinese enterprises; 3. Create the first brand of Chinese fire control products and international famous pipe connection brand; 4. Achieve win-win situation with related parties: satisfy customers, employees, partners, communities and shareholders.

▪Values of K&F—Products, company morality and personality. K&F should not only provide the most excellent products to customers, but should also become a respectable company. Moreover, K&F should help its employees gain ability, integrity and success, so that products, company morality and personality will constitute K&F brand, supplement each other and none can be dispensed with. Only when they three promote each other can the mission and vision of K&F be realized.

▪Spirit of K&F—Dedication, collaboration and study. Innovative dedication is the rule of conduct; dedication is the foundation of survival; dedication is strong sense of responsibility, entrepreneur spirit and sense of mission; dedication is to refuse mediocrity and pursuit excellence; dedication is to do the best when you are entrusted with something and to try to do the right thing in an excellent way when you are not entrusted with something. Collaboration, as its name implies, means teamwork, which refers to higher level cooperation and more positive cooperation. Study is necessary for survival and development, which is the requirement of era and the source of innovation. Employees should be study-type individualizes, while K&F should become a study-oriented organization. Innovation is the life of an enterprise and the source of competitiveness as well as the ultimate goal of study. K&F encourages proposal improvement and any unusual but wonderful thinking; K&F motivates creative imitation and original achievements. K&F should keep denying itself, so as to better surpass itself.

▪Company Philosophy: 1. Style of K&F: Rapid response and immediate action! K&F refuses excuses. In this era with fast pace, “slow” means nothing else but “waiting for death”. So what are we still waiting for? 3. Three disciplines of K&F: No tricks; no opportunism; no cheating on workmanship and materials! These three disciplines are three unbridgeable warning lines, which are the most basic requirements on professional ethics of K&F’s employees, important standards of personality and important contents of integrity. 3. Three judging criteria for conducts: whether the conduct is beneficial to enterprise development; whether the conduct is conducive to raising customers’ loyalty; whether the conduct is in favor of balancing interests of each party. 4. Thinking mode of K&F: We are the source of everything! 5. K&F’s faith: We are the best! 6. K&F’s working attitude: Do our best with full of passion! 7. K&F’s team concept: K&F is one team and there is only “we”, but no “you” or “they”!

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