New Products: Iron Fittings Used to Home Decoration

Now the industrial and vintage style decoration is more and more popular, for home, bar, library, etc.


Wall mounted flange, connected to a pipe nipple, then to a tee, pipe nipple and elbow, then using a cap to the end, so a toilet paper holder is perfectly made; also you can put a wooden plank at the top for a flower basket.


This is a small book holder, using very simple parts. The parts are made of malleable iron, with sandblast and electroplated surface treatment. In this way, it can maintain tens of years with any change. And the cost is very low.

10-5 11-1

Bags, scarf, and coat hook and holder. 

We’re manufacturer of these fittings, and most of the time, we have a rich stock, very competitive price. If you’re wholesaler of these decorative fittings, welcome to contact us anytime.


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Post time: Nov-17-2018
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