Malleable vs. Ductile Iron

Malleable vs. Ductile Iron Properties

To compare these two materials, we will examine how well pipe fittings made of each hold up to pressure and temperature. For fittings, this is there they start expanding enough to leak, not where they physically break. These maximum pressures are for when fittings are at optimal temperatures. We will begin by looking at malleable iron fittings.

Malleable Iron Properties*

  • Max Temperature:
    • Class 150: 450F (232C)
    • Class 300: 450F (232C)
  • Max Pressure:
    • Class 150: 300.23PSI (20.7bar)
    • Class 300: 362.6PSI (25bar)

Ductile Iron Properties**

  • Max Temperature:
    • Class 150: 450F (232C)
    • Class 300: 450F (232C)
  • Max Pressure: 
    • Class 150: 275PSI (19bar)
    • Class 300: 500PSI (34.5bar)

These are just two measurements for temperature and pressure tolerance by two companies. There are no set temperature or pressure tolerances that are always true for the materials, but these measurements were chosen to give a good idea that, when it comes to pressure and temperature, these two materials are fairly similar. Due to the innovations used in the manufacture of ductile iron, it is slightly less expensive and more malleable, which are helpful qualities for larger, more expensive projects.

Uses for Malleable Iron

Malleable iron is often used for small parts due to its excellent tensile strength. This includes electrical fittings, hand tools, pipe fittings, washers, brackets, fence fittings, power line hardware, farm equipment, and more. Companies around the world make fittings and other such equipment out of malleable iron, which is a testament to how well it still works 70+ years after the advent of ductile iron.

Uses for Ductile Iron

Ductile iron is used for much of the same type of items as ductile iron, as it is also very strong and workable (or ductile). The uses for ductile iron include pipe fittings, industrial piping, liquid fittings, strainers, and more. As mentioned before, ductile iron is cheaper to produce. Large ticket items, such as industrial strainers and valves, are regularly constructed out of ductile iron for this reason.

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